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The Power of the Mind

Did you know that your mind is the most powerful tool you possess? Everything starts off as a thought… absolutely everything.

‘Thoughts become things’


You can make your mind work for you… or against you. It really is that simple.

How many times have you berated yourself with comments like:

‘I’m such an idiot’
‘It’s too difficult. I can’t do it’
‘I’m ugly’

As soon as you state negative comments like these you have already sown the seeds of thought in your mind. Thoughts affect your feelings and feelings affect your behaviour.

So… reframing your thoughts is an important process which if done on a regular basis… will become ‘natural’ to you. Comments such as the above can be reframed into ‘I’m clever’ … ‘This is easy. I can do it!’ … ‘I am beautiful/handsome’

Sometimes we can get into negative thought patterns about certain aspects of our life. When we think negatively in our mind it makes us feel physically uncomfortable in our body. It is human nature to put ourselves down and think that things can’t improve but it is a known fact that you ‘feel what you think’ and you can help yourself to feel better about any situation in life if you just reframe the thought into a more positive one.


‘I hate it that my parents always think they know best and tell me what to do’.


‘My parents love and care for me. They are just looking out for me’.

You will find that once you have mastered your thought process and are able to reframe each thought into a more positive one, life will seem more enjoyable, creating less distress. There is ALWAYS a more positive way at looking at something and ultimately, you are the only person who can make yourself feel any emotion. You are the one in control of your feelings.

Try to reframe these negative comments into positive ones…

Negative word or phrase I use Positive way of rephrasing this
‘I am no good at this’  
‘I’m gonna fail my exams’  

‘It’s no good… I can’t make it work’