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Positive Thinking

Changing your thoughts to change your life

Put quite simply… everything starts off as a thought. Thoughts then manifest and become things. If you start changing your thoughts into positive ones and really believing them… repeat them many times every day, get inside the thought and live and breathe what you are thinking… then you will slowly start to notice that these thoughts have a positive effect in your life. You have to create a belief and value system that you want… even if at first it feels unreal, because at this very moment, perhaps you don’t believe you are slim and attractive, can pass that exam or have enough money to do what you want. But as soon as you write these new beliefs down, say them often, repeat them as positive affirmations on a daily basis, live and breathe them… it starts happening for you. Thoughts turn into things.You know how it works… the more you practice something, the better and more familiar it becomes. It is the same for creating your new life… you know… the one you really want.


Thinking positively and using positive language

Sometimes people around you express things in a way by saying what they don’t want to happen. It can come across as being negative. However, this be changed to a positive statement, simply by reframing, saying what you do want to happen rather than what you don’t. As you continue to practice this it will start to happen automatically, and if you catch yourself setting a negative goal simply ask yourself, “what do I want to happen instead?”

Here are some examples of negative phrases and what you might say instead-

Negative Phrase Positive Phrase
‘I won’t do this wrong’ ‘I’ll do this right’
‘Don’t miss it’ ‘Hit it’
‘Don’t be tense’ ‘Relax’
‘This won’t stop me’ ‘I’ll keep going’
‘Don’t worry’ ‘Be confident’
‘Don’t look down’ ‘Look up’
‘Don’t think in negatives’ ‘Think in positives!’




Changing the way you THINK

Alters the way you FEEL

This affects the way you REACT