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On-line Safety & Awareness


So... you are on your computer or lap-top using one of the popular social networks to connect with your friends and 'mates'... but do you REALLY know who you are talking to on-line?

There have been so many stories hitting the headlines about young people who have began talking with someone on-line, arranged to meet them on their own and then found themselves in awkward, frightening or sometimes even very dangerous situations.

Remember... Stranger Danger!

It is imperitive that you are forwarned and forearmed for your health, safety and emotional well-being about the dangers of posting and chatting on-line. This page will share some pointers for your safety and awareness...

The links below show you how easy it is for people to 'follow you' and 'lull you into a false sense of security' and before you know it... it can be dangerous or too late. Be on-line aware! There are loads of sites promoting on-line safety.

Do you know who can see what you are posting on-line?


I know what you posted... I am watching you!

(Click on the link above to watch the clip)

She thought she knew who she was talking to on-line...

Safety Pointers for when on-line...

ONLY post information that you are comfortable with everyone seeing and knowing.

Flirting with strangers online could have serious even detrimental consequences. Some people lie about who they really are.

Remember that once you post information online, you can't take it back. Even if you delete the information from a site, older versions may still exist on other people's computers.

Keep online friends online, don't meet them in person. If you're even unsure about an online friend, then don't hesitate to block them.

Be wary if a new friend wants to meet you in person. If you DO decide to meet them, meet ONLY in a public place, during the day, with friends you trust. And tell a responsible adult where you're going and an estimated time or arrival and departure. Although your parent may stop you from going... they only ever have your best interest at heart... which is more than can be said for someone who tricks you into meeting them through pretending to be someone else!

Be careful where you download programs, music, or files from. Many viruses hide themselves in harmless looking files, but could end up exploiting your passwords.

Don't post personal information or photos of yourself that someone can use to track you (eg your car's number plate).

You shouldn't use the Internet to spread gossip, bully, or threaten others, or carry out illegal activities. Tracking such activities is relatively easy for the authorities, and REALLY not worth the effort.

Trust your gut if you have suspicions. If you feel threatened by someone or uncomfortable because of something online, tell an adult you trust, and then report it to the police.



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