ICE 4 Life

Feedback and Comments


Feedback from students’ after attending courses run by Susan Somerville …

“Thank you for listening to me and helping me to feel better about myself. I have really enjoyed the course with you.”

“I have gone from being a gobby madam to someone who now has more respect for myself and others.”

“I have loved the course, making new friends and learning skills to help me with my anger.”

“I loved the whole course but especially the team-walker. That was a great laugh and helped me to get along working with others in a group. Something I used to find difficult before.”

“I was really unhappy before joining the course. I just hated school and my life. Having someone to talk with who actually listened to me and helped me to think differently about my problems helped me to deal with things differently. I feel a lot happier now.”

“My mum thinks I was abducted my aliens and replaced with a nicer clone of me as I don’t argue back any more and I actually do what she asks me to do. The reality is, I have learnt to just get things done and out the way so I have more time to do the things I like doing, such as playing on my PS3. I used to argue a lot but now I don’t feel the need to”

Feedback from parents…

“Thank you ever so much for working with my son. He actually enjoys school nowadays and it’s all thanks to you”.

“I don’t know how to thank you for the work you have done with my daughter when she lost her Father. And also for your support and kind words to me. It is nice to know that the school has someone like you.”

“Thank you for supporting my daughter and it was nice to put a face to the name”.

Feedback from Staff…

“Your reports are excellent in keeping us informed of students. Many thanks”.

“I have noticed SP trying some of your strategies when she feels angry and they seem to work”.

“I’m not sure JH is using all the knowledge gained from the sessions but his behaviour has definitely improved”.

“CD is still late to lessons on occasion but he does complete his work in the lesson now”.

“You certainly worked your magic with this one. She seems much happier in lessons”.