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Coping Skills & Strategies


We all have times in our life when we feel we are not coping well. By learning some coping skills and strategies we can prepare ourselves and build up an array of tools which help you in difficult times.

Here is a list of coping strategies… pick some which suit you?


Coping with Hurt Feelings…

Horrible things people say to you only hurt your feelings if you let them have an attachment to something you believe to be true about yourself in the first place.

Tell yourself you are a good person.

Only fill your mind with good thoughts about yourself so when someone says a horrible comment about you, you will be able to shrug it off, saying ‘That’s not me’.

It has been shown that if you rebuke the negative comment said to you within 20 seconds of hearing it, and replace it with a positive comment about yourself it will not be stored in your inner conscious and will have no meaning.

Possible responses to horrible comments…

I’m sorry you feel that way, but I don’t think that of myself.
That’s your opinion. I disagree!
Did you take long to think about that horrible comment?
That may be true, but I can live with myself!
Opinion duly noted. Thanks for that!

Smile and agree

Sometimes by using humour and wit, you can diffuse a tense situation. Laughter is powerful. Learn to laugh at yourself! If you can do this, there won’t be much that causes angry feelings in you and you won’t feel the need to react to their nasty comments.