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Building Confidence

Confidence does not come from one activity or situation, but many. You can lack confidence in one area of your life but be very different in another. You may find one subject very difficult but when playing your favourite sport or a musical instrument you are full of confidence. Confidence building is an ongoing part of personal development. I am still finding new areas I am becoming more confident in even at my age ? Confidence comes from trying new things, practicing the things you enjoy on a regular basis. This is how we all become good and talented at something. There is nothing that will build confidence more than being able to say "I can really do that".

Here are a few ideas to help you boost your self confidence:-

Make a list of your good points, your successes, people you like, things you enjoy doing.

Keep a diary of happy memories and read it when you feel down.

Practice giving open and honest compliments to your family and friends.

Read stories and watch films about people and events that inspire you.

Find a skill you would like to improve on and practice it often. Often, if you feel good at doing something, this increases your confidence in your abilities and yourself.

Find some songs that really make you feel good and learn to sing them to yourself.

Work out a daily plan of things to do that help you to feel good. Humour, exercise, music, reading, time with friends and make sure you do them each day.

Try something different each day. Set yourself a little goal to do something which may be a little scary to think of, but makes you feel triumphant when you complete it.

Practice positive self-affirmations (see affirmations page) on a daily basis.

Use the ‘Act as if…’ Strategy (see Strategies, tools and techniques page)