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Anti - Bullying

Anti-Bullying ad – Red head – Make a stand

Why do people bully?

To pretend they are tough
To try to get others to like them
To hide their own fears
They copy others who bully
They are unhappy
They don’t like who they are

What is a Bully?

A bully is someone who takes advantage of another person that he or she thinks is more vulnerable. They try to gain control over the victim or to gain control over a social group. This type of behaviour occurs in all ages, sexes and social groups. Most adults, if they think about it, have experienced bullying too. Bullying usually involves deliberate hostility or aggression toward the victim. The interaction is painful and humiliating and distressing to the victim. Note the word deliberate.

What do people bully about?

Some of the things people bully about...

A person's weight - their race - being gay - having special needs - being a traveller - a person's religion - sex - facial features - poverty - clothes style - self-harming...

How does Bullying make you feel?

Mad Depressed Silly
Embarrassed Lonely Confused
Sick Tired Nervous
Worried Angry Fed-up
Scared Sad Stuck
Like not wanting to go to school


Bullying – The Facts

Bullying happens until it is stopped
Bullying can happen to anyone
Bullying can be one person or many person
Bullying can happen anywhere


Bullying Can Include:

Physical violence
Putting people down
Frightening people
Cyber bullying
Making someone feel left out

If you are Bullied…What can you do? Someone is being bullied… How can you help?
Get help – don’t keep it a secret Listen
Avoid the bully - Violence is not the answer Be a mediator
Be with other people – try not to be on your own Talk to someone who can help
Talk to your parents or a teacher Be a friend


Stop Bullying and Being Bullied

If you have been a bully, or a part of a group that bullies others it is time to STOP!
Bullying will keep happening until someone puts a stop to it.
No-one has the right to hurt, humiliate or violate another person.

If you feel angry enough to hurt someone or bully them…
try doing any of the following:

Walk away from the situation
Hook up (calming exercise – ask your leader for details)
Change your thoughts about that person
Try talking to the person about what is making you angry
Speak to a trusted adult about why you think you bully and what you get out of it
Give yourself space – count, close your eyes and breathe deeply

If you still feel that bullying someone is the thing to do…

You need to ask yourself what it is about that person that you don’t like.
We can’t like everyone we meet in our lives and you are not going to always get along with people, but you do not have the right to make their lives a misery by bullying them.
If you find the person annoying or think by bullying them you will put them down a peg or two because they seem too popular then the best thing to do is to stay away from them.



Here's a reframing exercise that will help the victim or the persecutor to reframe how they think about the other.