ICE 4 Life Courses

Courses Available…

There are a number of courses available to help support the needs of our young people to further their personal growth and development, the most popular being Anger Management, Emotional Well-being, Friendships, Stress Management, Social Skills and Improving Communication.

Courses are tailor-made to suit each individual student or group depending on their requirements. At the initial meeting an assessment will be carried out to see what topic(s) would be best covered to enhance the individual’s needs and this is discussed with each student before further sessions are agreed; up to a maximum of 8 sessions.

Topics Covered…

Communicating effectively with others
Developing self-esteem
Improving confidence
Stress management
Anger management
Managing friendships
Positive thinking
Affirmations and how they work
Preparing for tests and exams
Power of the mind
Relaxation and visualisation
Handling emotions – your own and others
Self acceptance
Coping skills
Improving concentration
Social skills
Strategies, tools and techniques
Fostering healthy, positive relationships
Restorative justice

If you are interested in a particular course you can email for more details on